New gateway to cryptocurrencies

Our company's adventure in the cryptocurrency world began in 2017. GLBLOCK was founded on the belief that blockchains, and other decentralization technologies, will have some of the deepest social implications in history, and that's something we wanted to be part of.

Mission and values

Together, we explore and challenge the frontiers of traditional finance by opening up the world to a decentralized economy thanks to blockchain. We strive to create a future where any transaction that can be done with cash can also be done with cryptocurrencies, but empowering people to always have complete control of their own funds.


  • To build a universal cryptocurrency gateway that provides secure and reliable products and services.


  • To empower digital nations.


  • A shared economy that will help build a better, equitable and open financial world for everyone. 
  • Be agnostic in terms of technology. 
  • Protect the rights of individuals. 
  • Focus on sustainability, honesty, protection, confidentiality and creativity.


  • Several advantages for selecting us as your provider of crypto finance services include:

compliance: KPMG audited, Swiss regulators supervision.

Years spent developing trustworthy and reliable relationships between Swiss and European banking.

We provide a multi-currency platform: cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH), digital assets (REP), and fiat (EUR, CHF) with easy developer integration (API).

In everything we do, we concentrate on security, automation and delivery of our crypto products and services with the highest Swiss quality standards.